Diggers Ability

Their status is random and based on their rarity. These statuses will determine their capability to mine and to hunt.
Decide how much health of The Block will be decreased when digging.
Decide how many times can be dug for each Digger
Walk Speed
The movement speed of Digger on The Map.
Farm Speed
The farming speed of Digger on The Map.

Diggers also have skills:

+1 Stamina per minute when in rest mode
+1 Power
+1 Farm Speed
+1 Walk Speed
+ 3% chance to Farm more $MLAND
+ 5% chance to Farm more $MLAND
These skills are random based on rarity. Skill quantity is also based on rarity. For example, Common is equal to 1 Skill, Super Legendary is five skills.
The maximum skill for the highest rarity is 5.