All about Diggers

Treasure Hunters are called Diggers in Minera. Since the early hunters discovered the abundance of Minera, thousands of Diggers migrated to Minera to settle for good. But they have to survive the ultra-fast rotation of this planet (1,400 miles per second ) and hunt $MLAND in exchange for their extended life and financial freedom because they only have 30 days to live on the planet, or else they will be frozen.
Minting 1 Digger = 10 $MLAND Token Minting 5 Digger = 50 $MLAND Token Minting 10 Digger = 100 $MLAND Token
All minted Diggers has only 30 days to Dig, and you have two choices:
a. Extend their life for another 30 days ( This will cost you 10 $MLAND Token Minting fee )
b. Mint another Digger. The reason behind the 30 days Lifespan of Diggers
The most common problem of NFT games nowadays is the lack of investors' interest after they got their ROIs and gained a little. Devs are aiming for a long-term and sustainable NFT game. That's why they implemented a 30-day expiration on every Digger for the game's continuity and long-term sustainability. Even if players aim to cash out, there will always be a return of tokens for the game's longevity. We are not pop-up game development. We aim to develop for years to come.