Mineraland Whitepaper

Mineraland Introduction

Mineraland is an immersive idle P2P and Massive M2E Gameplay on both BSC and Polygon Network. Developed and created by Sotatek Inc., Awarded by Samsung and VINASA ( Vitenam Software Association ).

Mineraland's Story

Minera was an abundant land and had many resources. That's why the Diggers love this place. Once they found a valuable mineral in the area, these treasure hunters often exchange this for the currency of the Minera, which is the $MINERA.
But the downside of hunting in Minera is that the Digger's life expectancy expires every 30 days because of the fast rotation of the planet ( About 1,400 miles per second). But there is a way to prolong their life, they can extend their life from the Mountain of Versuvia by burning the $MLAND, and in return, the Mountain will give them an extended spirit for 30 days.